"Building a Democratic Future: The Role of Citizen Science and EU Research in Addressing Climate Change"

Citizen Science and EU projects and Research

This year of democratic expression is an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted ways research contributes to these EU policies and strengthens democracy’s constitute parts: how to navigate the digital era and confront disinformation while bolster public trust in science and tackle societal inequalities. That is why the European Research Executive Agency (REA), alongside other departments and executive agencies, are taking a closer look at EU-funded science for democracy.

Citizens themselves can also be active participants in science and scientific processes. Under citizen science, they help gather empirical evidence in various research fields, including how to make cities more sustainable. This knowledge then allows scientists to conduct novel research, develop useful tools, and bring about new measures to benefit all walks of life. ScienceUS are working to upscale and build European networks for citizen science activities. These will foster citizen science to achieve the goals of the five EU Missions.

Are you interested in the ScienceUs project?

Citizens in Europe are increasingly called upon to make decisions that require a clear understanding of the world that surrounds us. This is why scientists’ communication about their work and citizens’ engagement with research are important allies in fostering healthy public discourse and trust.

The main mission of ScienceUs is to create an EU-wide network of interconnected citizen science projects. A combined support program of direct funding and support services will be provided to a group of high-potential citizen science initiatives. A strong set of communication, dissemination, and knowledge transfer activities will be implemented to engage all actors in the quadruple helix around the citizen science networks.

ScienceUs will implement a 3- phase support program with direct funding (max. € 40.000 supported project) and support services to a group of outstanding citizen science initiatives that have the potential to be upscaled to other EU regions. The main objective of the support program is the creation of European citizen science networks in different research and technological areas related to “Adaptation to Climate Change”.

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