ScienceUs Announces Key Initiatives and Upcoming Events to Foster Citizen Science and Climate Change Adaptation

July 4, 2024

Rome, 24th-25th of June 2024 – ScienceUs is thrilled to announce several key updates following its 2nd in-person meeting in Rome. This gathering focused on benchmarking Citizen Science initiatives, with a particular emphasis on climate change adaptation within the frameworks of Horizon Europe, the Green Deal, and EU Missions. We are pleased to unveil the following actions designed to advance Citizen Science and promote collaborative innovation.

Survey on Citizen Science Integration

As part of ScienceUs efforts to identify and exploit opportunities for Citizen Science, the members of the consortium conducted a survey to gauge interest and current practices in integrating Citizen Science into various projects. Preliminary results reveal a positive response, with many participants already employing participatory approaches, though not specifically labelled as Citizen Science. The survey will close on the 16th of August, with final results shared by 1 September. The findings will inform the upcoming open call, framed to be inclusive using terms like “co-creation” and “living labs”.

Upcoming Interviews and Podcasts

In late September and early October, partners will invite projects that completed the survey to participate in Zoom interviews to discuss ideal scenarios for applying Citizen Science in climate change adaptation. ScienceUs also plan to interview projects already using participatory approaches. These interviews may be developed into podcasts.

ScienceUs Upscale Academy Bootcamp

ScienceUs is delighted to announce the ScienceUs Upscale Academy Bootcamp, scheduled for March 2025 at the Museum für Naturkunde (MfN) in Berlin. The bootcamp will welcome all applicants, although funding will be provided to 25 participants. To ensure broad access, the bootcamp will be held in a hybrid format, streaming all input talks.Additionally, we plan to invite projects that completed the survey to short Zoom interviews in late September/early October to discuss ideal scenarios for applying citizen science in climate change adaptation. We also aim to interview projects already using participatory approaches, potentially turning these discussions into podcasts.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

These initiatives reflect ScienceUs ongoing commitment to advancing Citizen Science and addressing climate change through collaborative efforts. We invite our community to stay engaged and look forward to sharing further updates, including details on the open call and other upcoming events.

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Download the PDF version of Press Release here